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What's New

Everything We've Added to CrimeMapping Recently.

1. Redesign of has been redesigned with a modern new look. This new contemporary design allows for improved site navigation, sharper map visuals and enhanced symbology. Ease of use and functionality have always been a priority and the simplicity of the new design reflects that requirement. The new look is also in response to the growing need to access applications from a tablet or mobile device.

2. Sex Offender Data now provides the option to display sex offender data for agencies that elect to make this information available to the public. If your agency supplies sex offender data, you will be able to view the location of offenders on the map, and discover additional information provided by the agency.

3. Alerts

If you live in an area where your local agency has chosen to provide sex offender information within, you may now subscribe to Sex Offender Alerts. You will be notified when sex offenders move in or out of areas you have selected. We will continue to provide multiple Crime Alerts around selected addresses such as schools, places of business, properties for sale, etc. Alerts created in the previous CrimeMapping version will be retained.

4. Landing Page

Upgrades to the landing page make navigation to your preferred location faster and more user friendly. "Near a Location" allows you to enter an address, landmark or zip code to launch the map and search for crimes around selected locations. "Near an Agency" provides you with a two-step process: 1) Select a State or Province; and 2) Select an Agency. The system will launch the map within the agency's jurisdiction. Access to the Map can also be found by clicking the "Map" link at the top of the page.

5. Map Page

5.1. We have added a brand new feature called the “Summary” panel. This feature, found to the left hand side of the map, provides you with details of the data displayed on the map. This is a quick and easy way for you to know just what filters have been used to display crime or sex offender data.

5.2. Another new feature is the "Agency Information" panel. This panel provides agency specific data. The panel appears on the right side of the map when information about an agency is requested. It can be accessed one of three ways: (1) Clicking on the Shield icon on the top right side above the map; (2) Clicking on the agency name displayed in any "Incident Details" panel; or (3) Clicking on any agency's shield icon that is displayed on the map. Information related to the agency is displayed, such as links to related websites, contact information or disclaimers.

5.3. Features that have been enhanced on the new site are: What/Where/When filters; updated navigation tools; and a modified distance tool.

The What / Where / When filters are now located on the left side of the screen and open a pop-out panel with pre-programed with simple shortcuts improving ease of use and intuitiveness.

In addition to the existing "How close am I to this location" tool, we have added a new Distance Tool that allows for measuring distances on the map between multiple locations. The generated line is now retained on the map when complete.

Our improved Navigation Tools are now located on the left side of the map, have been updated with a new look, and include a new "My Current Location" tool. These tools allow you to move easily around the map, or pinpoint your current location.

6. Contacting

Contacting the team has been streamlined based on the reason for your inquiry. Whether you are a member of the public with technical questions, an agency that would like to inquire about our services, or a member of the media who would like to know more about what we do, our improved Contact Page accommodates each of these requests. Once your email has been received, the appropriate member of our team will reach out to you in a timely manner.


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