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Subscribing is Free

Anyone can subscribe to our FREE Crime Alerts service and receive reports as well as community updates via E-mail. Users can even filter out specific crime types.

We Pledge to Have Accurate Data

We will continue to strive to provide the most accurate and timely crime data available online and we will never scrape information from other sites or sources!

Search by Crime Type

Users can customize their search to display any one of the fifteen crime types available at

Go Back 180 Days

Users can map out and report on crime activity as far back as one hundred and eighty days. We work hard to make sure our information is accurate and timely.

Create Charts On the Fly allows users to create custom reports and charts about recent crime activity occurring within a radius of any address.

Create Detailed Reports On the Fly

Users can click on any record in our detailed reports and will automatically map out the location where that incident occurred.

In Business Since 1992

Our team has been working with law enforcement agencies since 1992 and The Omega Group offers a wide range of software as well as services.

Community Benefit

Keeping the public well informed has been proven effective in reducing crime. is a benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere.


What is has been developed by The Omega Group to help law enforcement agencies throughout North America provide the public with valuable information about recent crime activity in their neighborhood. Our goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better informed citizenry. Creating more self reliance among community members is a great benefit to community oriented policing efforts everywhere and has been proven effective in combating crime. utilizes ESRI’s advanced mapping engine which helps us provide a high level of functionality as well as flexibility to the agencies we serve. Crime data is extracted on a regular basis from each department's records system so that the information being viewed through a Web browser is the most current available. This data is always verified for accuracy and all address information is generalized by block in order to help insure privacy is protected.

The Omega Group has been working with law enforcement agencies throughout North America since 1992. Hundreds of police and sheriff’s departments are currently using one of our desktop or Web-based CrimeView solutions for their intelligence led policing needs. represents our nationwide public service. We understand the sensitive nature of crime data and work hard to maintain integrity as well as security with every solution we provide.


Where does the crime data come from?

Providing accurate and timely data is something The Omega Group takes pride in. We extract data from the existing records system at each law enforcement agency through an automated import process. The data we display will always be the most current available.


How can I get historical or additional information for a crime? includes a rolling one hundred and eighty (180) days’ worth of crime data. If you require more historical data or more detailed information regarding a specific incident you should contact the public information officer at your local law enforcement agency.


Why am I not seeing a crime that I know occurred?

Each incident has to be confirmed and entered as a report by the law enforcement agency before it can be uploaded to our website. For some incidents it may take some time for this process to be completed so it would not immediately appear on the website. If the case is still an open investigation, it will not appear until the case is closed.

It could also be possible that the crimes in question were not reported to the police or were responded to by another agency (Sheriff’s Dept. or state police) that does not subscribe to our website. Some agencies also request that we do not display sensitive crimes such as sexual assault or crimes involving children in order to protect the privacy of the victims, so that information may not be available for your area. Other miscellaneous crimes that do not fall into any discernible category can also be filtered out at the agency’s request.


What types of crime are displayed?

See the Legend


How can I receive information automatically?

Any member of the public can sign up to Receive Crime Alerts! This additional service is free and provides customized reports via e-mail to any subscriber. Having a well informed citizenry has been proven effective in reducing crime.


How do I change my subscription details (email address, home address, buffer, or crime type)?

The buffer distance can be changed by unsubscribing from your existing Crime Alerts account and subscribing again with a different buffer distance during Step 3 of the process. The unsubscribe link can be found at the bottom of each Crime Alert e-mail. Our buffer distance option allows you to choose a specific radius around a home, business or school in order to learn more about crime activity in your community.


How do I unsubscribe from my Crime Alerts subscription?

Click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the Crime Alert e-mail you wish to stop receiving.


If I unsubscribe will all of my Crime Alerts subscriptions be removed?

No, only the subscription you choose to unsubscribe from will be eliminated. It will not affect any other Crime Alerts you are subscribed to.


Can I subscribe to multiple Crime Alerts with the same e-mail address?

Yes, you can subscribe to several different Crime Alerts using the same e-mail address. Many users subscribe using their home, work or child’s school address. You can also subscribe with different crime categories selected as well as buffer distances.


Why did I get unsubscribed when I didn't want to?

Clicking the unsubscribe link in your Crime Alert email is the only way in which to cancel a crime alert subscription. If you forward these emails to fellow citizens, they could be unsubscribing you. We recommend removing the unsubscribe link from your email before forwarding these.


Trouble signing up for Crime Alert emails?

Did you receive the initial email welcoming you to If so there is a “save my subscription” link in the email that you need to click on in order to confirm your crime alert subscription within 24 hours of signing up for our service. Once you do this you will receive a second email confirming that your subscription has been saved.

If you did not receive the welcome email or you followed these steps and still have not received alerts try re-subscribing and confirm that you have sent us your correct email information. Also check to make sure that our emails are not being sent to your junk mail or being blocked by your email service.


Why did I not receive a crime alert today?

A crime alert email will only be sent to you if there is new crime reported in the area that you have selected for your crime alert email.


What browser should I use to access

To ensure the best possible experience using, it is recommended that you view the website with one of the following browsers: Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 8+, and other modern browsers.


How often is the data updated?

The data we post is gathered with the permission of each agency and is updated on the site once per day.

The date range for crimes displayed represents the last one hundred and eighty (180) days of activity. This may vary somewhat between agencies depending upon their reporting process.


Is there a limit to the number of points that can be displayed?

Yes, in order to maximize speed and efficiency at there is an 800 point limit to the amount of data you can plot at any one time. If you go beyond the 800 point limit you should zoom into a smaller area, reduce the date range or reduce the number of crime types you are plotting.


If I register for Crime Alerts is my privacy protected?

Yes, your email address and registration information will only be used for Crime Alerts. We do not share your contact information with any third parties. You can also unsubscribe at any time.


Is there a cost to use

It should be noted that our service is funded by your local law enforcement agency and is absolutely FREE for the general public!


What do I do if the map doesn't come up?

Occasionally your browser will cache the application's resources (pages, scripts, images, etc... ) and will not replace them with a current version when the application is updated. This issue might affect the main mapping interface and/or the report pages. If this occurs you need to force your browser to refresh its cache and retrieve the latest resources. This can be done by visiting any page and pressing the F5 key. Alternatively you can also press Shift + R, Control + R, or Command + R for the same effect.


How can I get my agency online?

Sharing crime data with the community is a choice each department makes. We believe that this is a valuable service that has proven to help reduce crime in many areas by helping to keep the general public better informed. If you believe your agency should join this nationwide effort please contact the public information officer at your local law enforcement agency to let them know about Hearing from a member of the community that they serve will have a greater impact than hearing from us. Once contact has been made, we will happily work with your law enforcement agency to bring our crime mapping solution to your area.


What is The Omega Group?

The Omega Group has been helping law enforcement agencies with our crime analysis and mapping tools since 1992. Throughout the United States, hundreds of agencies currently use one of our desktop or web-based CrimeView solutions. We are the premier provider of innovative solutions for crime analysis and reporting.


How many departments do you serve?

The Omega Group serves hundreds of law enforcement agencies with our desktop and Web based mapping applications. Our clients range from large police departments serving populations in excess of 1 million such as Fort Worth to smaller agencies such as Vinton which serves less than 15,000 residents. Because is so cost effective any sized agency can afford the service.


What sets your service apart from others?

We take pride in working with law enforcement agencies throughout North America since 1992. We never post data without the expressed permission of each agency and our information is always validated through direct collaboration with police personell. We also never scrape data from other sites as this would reduce the integrity of our content. The Omega Group is privately owned and not supported by venture capital. We’ll be here tomorrow when you need us.

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We have been working with law enforcement agencies throughout North America since 1992. Hundreds of police and sheriff’s departments are currently using one of our solutions for their intelligence led policing needs. Find out more about us, here.