Crime report for 6/9/2014 - 6/9/2014

89 crimes found.

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Type: Description: CaseĀ #: Location: Agency: Date:
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140538771400 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 11:56 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140538763000 BLK THIMBLEBERRY LNModesto Police6/9/2014 11:54 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140538701500 BLK LARKIN AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 11:24 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140538641700 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police6/9/2014 11:15 PM
415N DISTURBANCE BTWN NEIGHBORSMP14053859700 BLK BENSON AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 11:00 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140538553800 BLK PURPLE FINCH LNModesto Police6/9/2014 10:53 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053852700 BLK 4TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 10:43 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140538501500 BLK FLORIDA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 10:33 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053849 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 10:31 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053841 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 10:03 PM
415N DISTURBANCE BTWN NEIGHBORSMP140538351500 BLK GLENWOOD DRModesto Police6/9/2014 09:48 PM
11350 H&S POSSESSION OF NARCOTICSMP140538341400 BLK FLORIDA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 09:43 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140538322600 BLK CABERNET CTModesto Police6/9/2014 09:41 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140538301500 BLK W ROSEBURG AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 09:39 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP14053831 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 09:39 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140538282000 BLK PRESCOTT RDModesto Police6/9/2014 09:34 PM
242 BATTERYMP14053824 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 09:23 PM
243 BATTERY W/SERIOUS INJURYMP14053822700 BLK SUTTER AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 09:21 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140538231400 BLK CARVER RDModesto Police6/9/2014 09:21 PM
451 ARSONMP14053820900 BLK 5TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 09:18 PM
242 BATTERYMP140538191700 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 09:11 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140538171700 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police6/9/2014 09:03 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP14053811400 BLK MOCCASIN CTModesto Police6/9/2014 08:43 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP14053801900 BLK N CARPENTER RDModesto Police6/9/2014 08:12 PM
415G FIGHT-INVOLVING 10+ SUBJSMP14053799600 BLK CALIFORNIA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 08:05 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053797 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 08:02 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053796100 BLK MAZE CTModesto Police6/9/2014 08:01 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140537953800 BLK PURPLE FINCH LNModesto Police6/9/2014 07:51 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140537851200 BLK LUCERN AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 06:40 PM
415 FIGHTMP140537821000 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 06:24 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP14053780 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 06:21 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140537781500 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 06:13 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140537701400 BLK ASHWOOD DRModesto Police6/9/2014 05:44 PM
417 BRANDISHING A WEAPONMP14053766600 BLK 4TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 05:31 PM
PETTY THEFTS140247931800 BLOCK KANSAS AVEStanislaus County Sheriff6/9/2014 04:48 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140537591400 BLK BRANNON AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 04:48 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140537581100 BLK CALIFORNIA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 04:48 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053752900 BLK EL VECINO AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 04:26 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140537501000 BLK 9TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 04:25 PM
487 GRAND THEFTMP14053749600 BLK S SANTA CRUZ AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 04:17 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140537361900 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 03:37 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP14053734500 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 03:34 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053730200 BLK KIMBLE STModesto Police6/9/2014 03:30 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053728200 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 03:22 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053721800 BLK BRIGHTON AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 03:07 PM
484G CREDIT CARD FRAUDMP140537201000 BLKModesto Police6/9/2014 03:04 PM
415 FIGHTMP14053716200 BLK WALNUT STModesto Police6/9/2014 02:54 PM
487 GRAND THEFTMP140537143300 BLK BIRMINGHAM DRModesto Police6/9/2014 02:53 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP14053706800 BLK DAWN DRModesto Police6/9/2014 02:22 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140536981500 BLK FLORIDA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 01:51 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140536932300 BLK OAKDALE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 01:35 PM
242 BATTERYS14024759700 BLOCK 9TH STStanislaus County Sheriff6/9/2014 01:12 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053681500 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 12:46 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053680OAKDALE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 12:43 PM
11378 H&S POSS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE FOR SALEMP14053646 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 11:17 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053645100 BLK PHOENIX AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 11:10 AM
530-5 IDENTITY THEFTMP140536421200 BLK DEL REY AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 11:06 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053639100 BLK PALM AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 11:03 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP140536382300 BLK CORNERSTONE CTModesto Police6/9/2014 11:02 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP140536341200 BLK NELSON AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 10:49 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053633 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 10:48 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140536312500 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 10:44 AM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP14053609100 BLK BONITA CIRModesto Police6/9/2014 10:05 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140535811000 BLK 9TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 08:29 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14053579BLUE GUM AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 08:09 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053575 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 07:58 AM
242 BATTERYMP14053574 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 07:58 AM
415 FIGHTMP14053567700 BLK 15TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 07:17 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140535681300 BLK W GRANGER AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 07:17 AM
415 FIGHTMP14053561 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 06:43 AM
VANDALISMS14024717800 BLOCK AERON STStanislaus County Sheriff6/9/2014 04:16 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP14053550900 BLK CALIFORNIA AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 04:01 AM
415 FIGHTMP14053547900 BLK 5TH STModesto Police6/9/2014 03:37 AM
DRUNK IN PUBLIC WITH KICK OUTS14024715RAINBOW LN / THOMPSON RDStanislaus County Sheriff6/9/2014 03:34 AM
647F DRUNK IN PUBLICMP140535462200 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police6/9/2014 03:29 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140535441600 BLK WYLMA WAYModesto Police6/9/2014 02:53 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14053543800 BLK MIDDLECOFF AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 02:43 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053542 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 02:29 AM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP14053541 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 02:11 AM
647F DRUNK IN PUBLICMP140535392400 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 01:57 AM
242 BATTERYMP14053538600 BLK S JEFFERSON STModesto Police6/9/2014 01:47 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14053535200 BLK N EMERALD AVEModesto Police6/9/2014 01:40 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140535342400 BLK SADDLEBACK LNModesto Police6/9/2014 01:31 AM
647F DRUNK IN PUBLICMP140535251900 BLK SAGE CTModesto Police6/9/2014 01:00 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14053522 - Modesto Police6/9/2014 12:35 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14053519200 BLK G STModesto Police6/9/2014 12:27 AM
245 ASSAULT W/DEADLY WEAPONMP14053516600 BLK PARADISE RDModesto Police6/9/2014 12:13 AM
415 FIGHTMP140535141500 BLK GARY LNModesto Police6/9/2014 12:07 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140535131000 BLK GEMINI CTModesto Police6/9/2014 12:03 AM