Crime report for 5/12/2014 - 5/12/2014

111 crimes found.

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Type: Description: CaseĀ #: Location: Agency: Date:
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP140445643400 BLK CLAREMONT AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 11:59 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140441452100 BLK CORNWELL AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 11:54 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14044141500 BLK VINE STModesto Police5/12/2014 11:31 PM
415 FIGHTMP14044139500 BLK DOWNEY AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 11:23 PM
415N DISTURBANCE BTWN NEIGHBORSMP14044136800 BLK TULLY RDModesto Police5/12/2014 11:08 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140441322200 BLK STANDIFORD AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 10:41 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140441312500 BLK PRIDMORE AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 10:39 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140441303400 BLK SHERWOOD AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 10:25 PM
470 FORGERYMP140441251500 BLK PANTHERS LNModesto Police5/12/2014 10:16 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140441231000 BLK TULLY RDModesto Police5/12/2014 10:11 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140441203000 BLK SISK RDModesto Police5/12/2014 10:05 PM
415N DISTURBANCE BTWN NEIGHBORSMP14044119300 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:50 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14044115800 BLK TULLY RDModesto Police5/12/2014 09:40 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140441131200 BLK E STModesto Police5/12/2014 09:31 PM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP140442081000 BLK E RUMBLE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 09:30 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14044110300 BLK W ROSEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:24 PM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP14044108 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 09:17 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140441062900 BLK KELLER STModesto Police5/12/2014 09:14 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140441042100 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:08 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYS140200165800 BLOCK WOODLAND AVEStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 08:56 PM
BURGLARY; FIRST DEGREES14020015800 BLOCK PARKLAWN AVEStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 08:54 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14044101500 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police5/12/2014 08:53 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP14044099900 BLK 3RD STModesto Police5/12/2014 08:47 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14044096700 BLK BENSON AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 08:19 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP14044095900 BLK RAMONA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 08:17 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP140440892800 BLK W RUMBLE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 07:41 PM
417 BRANDISHING A WEAPONMP140440871000 BLK 9TH STModesto Police5/12/2014 07:37 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440851900 BLK CELESTE CTModesto Police5/12/2014 07:19 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14044084400 BLK PARADISE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 07:10 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440831200 BLK E FAIRMONT AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 07:01 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140440821400 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 06:57 PM
BATTERY AGAINST PERSON RESULT IN SERIOUS BIS14020007700 BLOCK ADKISON WAYStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 06:50 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP140440761400 BLK W ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 06:31 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14044075900 BLK 3RD STModesto Police5/12/2014 06:29 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440712800 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 05:48 PM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP14044070 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 05:45 PM
488IC PETTY THEFT-IN CUSTODYMP14044067400 BLK PARADISE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 05:30 PM
242 BATTERYMP14044066 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 05:29 PM
530-5 IDENTITY THEFTMP14044065100 BLK VILLAGE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 05:25 PM
415 FIGHTMP140440641700 BLK TERESA STModesto Police5/12/2014 05:25 PM
470 FORGERYMP140440632200 BLK PLAZA PKWYModesto Police5/12/2014 05:17 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440623300 BLK YERINGTON CTModesto Police5/12/2014 05:06 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440551600 BLK CAMEO WAYModesto Police5/12/2014 04:50 PM
FAILURE TO STOP AT STOP SIGNH140016287TH/DEFOREST CTHughson Police Services5/12/2014 04:48 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140440531800 BLK INNSBROOK DRModesto Police5/12/2014 04:43 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14044050300 BLK LA LOMA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 04:29 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP14044048600 BLK 10TH STModesto Police5/12/2014 04:26 PM
FAILURE TO STOP AT STOP SIGNH140016267TH/STEEPLECHASEHughson Police Services5/12/2014 04:26 PM
484G CREDIT CARD FRAUDMP140440471200 BLK MULTNOMAH DRModesto Police5/12/2014 04:25 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP140440383000 BLK HAHN DRModesto Police5/12/2014 04:02 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14044036 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 03:46 PM
484G CREDIT CARD FRAUDMP14044027200 BLK S WASHINGTON STModesto Police5/12/2014 03:19 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP140440242400 BLK MABLE AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 03:07 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440221300 BLK HARRIS AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 03:02 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140440201900 BLK W ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:58 PM
CORPORAL INJURY TO SPOUSES140199851700 BLOCK OLYMPIA STStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 02:46 PM
484S SHOPLIFTING (PROGRAM)MP140440163800 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:25 PM
460 BURGLARYMP14044012500 BLK EL CAJON AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:11 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14044013800 BLK EL TERINO AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:11 PM
470 FORGERYMP14044006800 BLK 8TH STModesto Police5/12/2014 02:02 PM
10852 TAMPERING WITH A VEHICLEMP140440052000 BLK O FARRELL AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 01:57 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP14044003 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 01:48 PM
10852 TAMPERING WITH A VEHICLEMP140440023700 BLK BRIDGEFORD LNModesto Police5/12/2014 01:47 PM
487 GRAND THEFTMP140439952100 BLK STANDIFORD AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 01:23 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP140439933600 BLK HIGHMORE LNModesto Police5/12/2014 01:20 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14043991100 BLK MERCED AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 01:16 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP140439861400 BLK FLORIDA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 12:58 PM
415 FIGHTMP14043981 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 12:45 PM
594F FELONY VANDALISMMP140439791200 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 12:44 PM
484G CREDIT CARD FRAUDMP14043972PRESCOTT RDModesto Police5/12/2014 12:18 PM
PETTY THEFTS140199742200 BLOCK ROBERTSON RDStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 12:14 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140439683000 BLK MAPLENUT AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 12:04 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP14043967700 BLK NOME AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 12:02 PM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP14044114100 BLK MADERA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 12:00 PM
314 INDECENT EXPOSUREMP14043953100 BLK SCHOOL AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 10:52 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14043949100 BLK SAN JUAN DRModesto Police5/12/2014 10:44 AM
BURGLARY; SECOND DEGREES140199571600 BLOCK EUREKA STStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 10:36 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14043946100 BLK N SANTA ANA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 10:33 AM
PETTY THEFTS140199591200 BLOCK AVALON AVEStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 10:20 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140439412000 BLK ZAIGER WAYModesto Police5/12/2014 10:12 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP14043932500 BLK N ORANGE AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:52 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140439302000 BLK ALOHA WAYModesto Police5/12/2014 09:48 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14043926800 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police5/12/2014 09:41 AM
415 FIGHTMP140439191700 BLK TORRID AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:24 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14043918400 BLK COLLEGE AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:19 AM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP140440043100 BLK HIGBEE CTModesto Police5/12/2014 09:15 AM
459C COMMERCIAL BURGLARYMP140439153100 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police5/12/2014 09:09 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP14043913800 BLK EL TERINO AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 09:02 AM
487 GRAND THEFTMP14043912900 BLK LINDSAY DRModesto Police5/12/2014 09:01 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140439111200 BLK GRANTLAND CTModesto Police5/12/2014 09:00 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP140439082900 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police5/12/2014 08:49 AM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP140439441800 BLK THERON WAYModesto Police5/12/2014 08:45 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP14043901 - Modesto Police5/12/2014 08:23 AM
484G CREDIT CARD FRAUDMP140439003300 BLK EDGEVIEW DRModesto Police5/12/2014 08:21 AM
459C COMMERCIAL BURGLARYMP140438931200 BLK G STModesto Police5/12/2014 07:32 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140438923700 BLK BRIDGEFORD LNModesto Police5/12/2014 07:31 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP140439363900 BLK DALE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 07:30 AM
BURGLARY; SECOND DEGREES140199301400 BLOCK 7TJ STStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 06:44 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140438882500 BLK MILLER AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 06:05 AM
459C COMMERCIAL BURGLARYMP14043886800 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police5/12/2014 04:21 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14043881100 BLK COVENA AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 03:34 AM
POSSESS/ETC BURGLARY TOOLSS14019922INYO AVE / RUTHERFORD STStanislaus County Sheriff5/12/2014 03:12 AM
243D BATTERY W/SERIOUS INJURYMP140438791700 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police5/12/2014 03:02 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP140438731800 BLK HUNT AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:12 AM
488 PETTY THEFTMP140438721400 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police5/12/2014 02:09 AM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP140438692400 BLK APACHE LNModesto Police5/12/2014 01:56 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140438681500 BLK CARVER RDModesto Police5/12/2014 01:30 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP140438641500 BLK PATRIOTS LNModesto Police5/12/2014 01:09 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP14043863300 BLK PINE STModesto Police5/12/2014 01:02 AM
Service Report - All OtherH140016212000 BLOCK TULLY RDHughson Police Services5/12/2014 12:08 AM