Crime report for 11/16/2013 - 11/16/2013

57 crimes found.

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Type: Description: CaseĀ #: Location: Agency: Date:
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP13106514800 BLK N 9TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 11:39 PM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP13106512 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 11:36 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13106509300 BLK KIMBLE STModesto Police11/16/2013 11:35 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP131064991500 BLK LEONARD AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 11:15 PM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP13106487 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 10:35 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP13106484400 BLK COLLEGE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 10:29 PM
417 BRANDISHING A WEAPONMP13106456 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 08:52 PM
415 FIGHTMP131064533000 BLK PENNY LNModesto Police11/16/2013 08:48 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13106443400 BLK COLFAX AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 07:55 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106440600 BLK AIRPORT WAYModesto Police11/16/2013 07:36 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131064392900 BLK SCENIC BENDModesto Police11/16/2013 07:32 PM
415 FIGHTMP13106437800 BLK 9TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 07:17 PM
647F DRUNK IN PUBLICMP131064221300 BLK LEONARD AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 06:24 PM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP13106419ROUSE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 06:22 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13106411100 BLK MELROSE STModesto Police11/16/2013 05:57 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106399500 BLK TRASK LNModesto Police11/16/2013 05:36 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131063951300 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 05:26 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106392200 BLK KINGSTON LNModesto Police11/16/2013 05:14 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131063891200 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police11/16/2013 04:57 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131063861300 BLK MELROSE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 04:37 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131063821800 BLK H STModesto Police11/16/2013 04:19 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106380 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 04:16 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP131063712500 BLK CONTINENTAL DRModesto Police11/16/2013 03:31 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106370900 BLK BYRON LNModesto Police11/16/2013 03:27 PM
242 BATTERYMP13106368 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 03:21 PM
415 FIGHTMP131063621400 BLK COFFEE RDModesto Police11/16/2013 02:55 PM
246 SHOOTING AT OCC DWELLING/VEHMP131063521400 BLK OVERHOLTZER DRModesto Police11/16/2013 02:30 PM
415 FIGHTMP131063512500 BLK HADDON AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 02:29 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106349400 BLK TUOLUMNE BLVDModesto Police11/16/2013 02:25 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131063441100 BLK PATTY WAYModesto Police11/16/2013 02:12 PM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106335400 BLK TUOLUMNE BLVDModesto Police11/16/2013 01:49 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13106334800 BLK 8TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 01:42 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13106333100 BLK DRAKE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 01:42 PM
415N DISTURBANCE BTWN NEIGHBORSMP13106327500 BLK PIRINEN LNModesto Police11/16/2013 01:28 PM
594 MALICIOUS MISCHIEFMP131063201100 BLK SONOMA AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 01:09 PM
415 FIGHTMP13106319600 BLK NORSEMAN DRModesto Police11/16/2013 01:03 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131063152900 BLK POPPYPATCH DRModesto Police11/16/2013 12:49 PM
11378 H&S POSS CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE FOR SALEMP13106306600 BLK 9TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 11:35 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106305900 BLK TUOLUMNE BLVDModesto Police11/16/2013 11:34 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106298200 BLK ROSELAWN AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 11:22 AM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP13106291700 BLK COLDWELL AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 10:54 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP131062841100 BLK 13TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 10:21 AM
415 FIGHTMP13106280600 BLK 4TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 10:10 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106272900 BLK BYRON LNModesto Police11/16/2013 09:35 AM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP13106267400 BLK ELMWOOD AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 08:41 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP131062621600 BLK DEL MONTE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 07:46 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP131062541900 BLK KRUGER DRModesto Police11/16/2013 06:13 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106250400 BLK 14TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 05:15 AM
12020 POSS OF ILLEGAL WEAPON(S)MP13106239MITCHELL RDModesto Police11/16/2013 03:37 AM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP13106238EVERGREEN AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 03:17 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106236900 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 03:01 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13106235900 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 02:57 AM
415 FIGHTMP131062282400 BLK E ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 02:41 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131062252200 BLK LAMBERT STModesto Police11/16/2013 02:29 AM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP13106214 - Modesto Police11/16/2013 01:30 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131061892000 BLK GLENDALE AVEModesto Police11/16/2013 12:21 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13106187600 BLK 9TH STModesto Police11/16/2013 12:18 AM