Crime report for 11/9/2013 - 11/9/2013

54 crimes found.

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Type: Description: CaseĀ #: Location: Agency: Date:
415 FIGHTMP13104086500 BLK 5TH STModesto Police11/9/2013 11:59 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP13104084800 BLK N 9TH STModesto Police11/9/2013 11:57 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13104082600 BLK PARADISE RDModesto Police11/9/2013 11:50 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP131040811900 BLK ROSE AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 11:49 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131040691900 BLK YELLOW OAK DRModesto Police11/9/2013 11:33 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13104067500 BLK SCENIC DRModesto Police11/9/2013 11:30 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13104062400 BLK MAPLE STModesto Police11/9/2013 11:25 PM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131040601500 BLK RAQUEL LNModesto Police11/9/2013 11:14 PM
415G FIGHT-INVOLVING 10+ SUBJSMP131040583900 BLK DILLINGHAM AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 11:02 PM
415 FIGHTMP13104052100 BLK AMARILLO CTModesto Police11/9/2013 10:49 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131040371900 BLK W ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 10:07 PM
215 CARJACKINGMP13104035 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 10:02 PM
211 ARMED ROBBERYMP131040280 BLK H STModesto Police11/9/2013 09:24 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP13104023800 BLK PLATEAU WAYModesto Police11/9/2013 08:43 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP131040181000 BLK SOUTH AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 08:17 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131040122300 BLK VIOLA STModesto Police11/9/2013 07:49 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103999400 BLK E GRANGER AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 06:49 PM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP131039981800 BLK OAK LEAF DRModesto Police11/9/2013 06:46 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103995200 BLK N RIVERSIDE DRModesto Police11/9/2013 06:43 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131039881800 BLK TAOS CTModesto Police11/9/2013 06:19 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103984900 BLK 3RD STModesto Police11/9/2013 06:01 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131039832800 BLK SAPPHIRE DRModesto Police11/9/2013 06:00 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103979300 BLK S MORTON BLVDModesto Police11/9/2013 05:45 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103968300 BLK HUBERT DRModesto Police11/9/2013 05:12 PM
11377 H&S POSSESSIONMP13103967700 BLK N 9TH STModesto Police11/9/2013 05:12 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131039611200 BLK MOCCASIN DRModesto Police11/9/2013 04:45 PM
415 FIGHTMP131039492900 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police11/9/2013 03:58 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103935100 BLK LINCOLN AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 03:12 PM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP131039341000 BLK CALIFORNIA AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 03:08 PM
488IC PETTY THEFT-IN CUSTODYMP131039282000 BLK W BRIGGSMORE AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 02:42 PM
415 FIGHTMP13103923 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 02:13 PM
459 BURGLARYMP131039142200 BLK PLAZA PKWYModesto Police11/9/2013 01:36 PM
459R RESIDENTIAL BURGLARYMP131039121700 BLK BONNIE BRAE AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 01:32 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131039092200 BLK PLAZA PKWYModesto Police11/9/2013 01:14 PM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13103907500 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 01:11 PM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103899100 BLK VIRGINIA AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 12:17 PM
488 PETTY THEFTMP13103895500 BLK TOKAY AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 11:58 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP131038811700 BLK HELD DRModesto Police11/9/2013 10:37 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP131038731600 BLK CELESTE DRModesto Police11/9/2013 09:27 AM
415 FIGHTMP13103866900 BLK MC HENRY AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 08:44 AM
537 DEFRAUDING AN INKEEPERMP131038632000 BLK W ORANGEBURG AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 07:59 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13103862100 BLK BAKER WAYModesto Police11/9/2013 07:53 AM
415 FIGHTMP131038601900 BLK RESEDA LNModesto Police11/9/2013 07:41 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13103856 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 05:45 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13103844300 BLK PARADISE RDModesto Police11/9/2013 04:13 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP13103840 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 03:32 AM
23550 FELONY DUI/PRIORSMP13103835 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 02:59 AM
415E NOISE DISTURBANCEMP131038331300 BLK CARVER RDModesto Police11/9/2013 02:50 AM
23152 CVC-DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCEMP13103834 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 02:50 AM
10851 STOLEN VEHICLEMP13103821700 BLK ENSLEN AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 01:53 AM
415F FIGHT-FAMILYMP13103820100 BLK N EMERALD AVEModesto Police11/9/2013 01:46 AM
459V VEHICLE BURGLARYMP13103811 - Modesto Police11/9/2013 01:19 AM
415 FIGHTMP13103797900 BLK YOSEMITE BLVDModesto Police11/9/2013 12:35 AM
415V FIGHT-VERBALMP13103793900 BLK 5TH STModesto Police11/9/2013 12:28 AM